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lsdev.org/bugs - 2006-03-09 15:56 - jugg [Announcement]
Welcome to lsdev.org/bugs - Here you will be able to report any issue you find with the LiteStep core and documentation.

The current projects that issues may be reported to are:

LiteStep Core: The LiteStep core and user documentation. Submit bugs, feature requests and patches for the core, or documentation (Do not post community installer, theme or module issues here).

LiteStep SDK: Developer's resources and documentation. Submit bugs and patches for the SDK.

LiteStep Modules: Track issues with community modules. Use this to find known issues of existing community module releases, and if you're a module developer you can request to have access to this project and add your module.

LSDev.org: Report any issues you have with our lsdev.org website resources. All support requests for the wiki, bug tracker, cvs viewer, and website in general go here.

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