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The only way a community driven project stays alive is if the community works together and contributes in all aspects of the project. This ranges from development to user support to documentation to websites to advertising to simply using and discussing the project.

If only a couple of people run the entire project, or if it is fragmented, then progress and results are stilted and stale. You do not have to be a techy, wizard or alien to help keep this project alive. If you have a head on your shoulders and know when you see a deficiency, then you can help. In the minimal sense, helping means making the community aware of the deficiency that you perceive. However, most times you will find that a) no one agrees with you, or b) it is already well known, or less likely c) work is in progress. In either a) or b) the only way things are going to progress is if you yourself present a workable solution. And the cool thing is, as this is an open community project your contribution is very welcome.

LSDev Resources

The Litestep Development Resources are broken into these sections:

  • Webpage and Documentation - using DokuWiki
  • Issue Tracking - using MantisBT
  • Version Control - using CVS
  • Mailing List - using ezmlm (hosted by wuzzle.org)

Each of these areas need continual support. The following are some ideas on how you could contribute. Always feel free to join the LSDev mailing list to discuss any ideas you may have in an area that you would like to contribute to. Thanks!

Webpage and Documentation

The Wiki content always needs new information contributed as well as refactoring existing pages to ensure a consistent, readable and informative presentation. If you enjoy any aspect of this, please create an account and contribute. First take a look at the Wiki Syntax then head over to the Playground to test it out. Once you feel comfortable, browse around and find something you can improve.

Issue Tracking

If you are detail oriented and are familiar with Litestep and its basic code structure, we would welcome you to join the mailing list and talk to us regarding helping manage bug reports and feature requests that are submitted.

If you enjoy (or hate) finding bugs and are good at writing concise reports which can be used to duplicate the issue, that is also extremely helpful. Just log into the issue tracker, and help us help you.

Version Control

Version control is fairly automated and self sufficient, however code review is always very useful. So even browsing through changes and existing code looking for style formatting problems or actual implementation problems is helpful. As always discussion on anything you observe is welcomed on the developers mailing list.

Mailing Lists

Help out by answering questions and providing useful response to other community member's emails.


Obviously, code development is always desired. Whether this is in the Core of Litestep or in Modules, there is a lot of opportunity for contribution in this area.

Current main areas of need in code development are:

  • Core Development (Graphics API, Inter-Module Communication)
  • Community Installer (With documented and supported Themes)
  • Helper Utilities (Theme managers, automated configuration tools etc)


There is a lack of well documented and supported themes (desktop interfaces). There needs to be a concerted effort to bring a set of themes into a controlled development environment.

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