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Public CVS

There are two ways to obtain the LiteStep source code from this site. The first is to download a source archive from the downloads section. The other option is to get it from the CVS repository, as explained below.

CVS Repository

The access details are:

Protocol: Password Server (pserver)
Server: lsdev.org
Directory: /cvs/litestep
User: anonymous

Thus the CVSROOT should look like this: :pserver:anonymous@lsdev.org:/cvs/litestep

Available Modules

  • litestep - LiteStep source code
  • sdk - LiteStep Module SDK

CVS Clients

If you want to use a graphical CVS client, TortoiseCVS is highly recommended. A popular alternative is WinCVS.

If all you ever do is an occasional checkout, a command-line client is sufficient. Such a client can be downloaded from http://ximbiot.com/cvs/wiki/ or http://www.cvsnt.org/.

CVS Checkout/Update

The procedures for graphical clients differ too much to be within the scope of this article. Check the respective documentation, which any decent client should provide. They'll ask you for a CVSROOT sooner or later, you should be able to just copy&paste it from above.

For command-line clients the checkout procedure is something like this:

set CVSROOT=:pserver:anonymous@lsdev.org:/cvs/litestep
cvs login
cvs -z3 checkout -P litestep
cvs logout

Provide a blank password if asked for it, ie. simply hit return. If you want to checkout all files with a specific tag/branch, add -r [tagname] right after checkout. Example:

cvs -z3 checkout -r v0-24-x -P litestep

The -z[n] flag specifies the level of compression. Valid levels are 1 [high speed, low compression] to 9 [low speed, high compression] and 0 to disable compression [which is default]. Level 3 typically provides the best performance gain.

The update procedure is similar, simply replace the checkout line with:

cvs -z3 update -dP

This command will use the -d flag to notice new directories added to the CVS repository and the -P flag to purge any empty directories.

CVS Tags

Important milestones are marked with CVS tags. Such milestones are typically public releases. Using these tags you can easily checkout the source of any release you want.

Here's a list of existing tags for the litestep CVS module:

Branch Release Release Date Source Archive
v0-24-x 0.24.x Branch NA N/A
Tag Release Release Date Source Archive
v0-24-7-beta1 0.24.7 Beta 1 2003-03-12 ls-0.24.7-b1-src.zip
v0-24-7-beta2 0.24.7 Beta 2 2003-03-27 ls-0.24.7-b2-src.zip
v0-24-7-beta3 0.24.7 Beta 3 2003-05-02 ls-0.24.7-b3-src.zip
v0-24-7-beta4 0.24.7 Beta 4 2003-09-05 ls-0.24.7-b4-src.zip
v0-24-7-rc1 0.24.7 Release Candidate 1 2003-11-09 ls-0.24.7-rc1-src.zip
v0-24-7-rc2 0.24.7 Release Candidate 2 2004-03-16 ls-0.24.7-rc2-src.zip
v0-24-7-rc3 0.24.7 Release Candidate 3 2004-06-04 ls-0.24.7-rc3-src.zip
v0-24-7-rc4 0.24.7 Release Candidate 4 2005-12-09 ls-0.24.7-rc4-src.zip
v0-24-7 0.24.7 Final 2005-12-17 ls-0.24.7-src.zip
v0-24-8-rc1 0.24.8 Release Candidate 1 2008-05-31 ls-0.24.8-rc1-src.zip
v0-24-8 0.24.8 Final 2009-02-28 ls-0.24.8-src.zip

CVS Browser Access

You can also browse the CVS repository online.

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