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LiteStep 0.24.8 Release Candidate 1

Your friendly LiteStep Development Team is proud to announce the first release of LiteStep 0.24.8 as Release Candidate 1. This release reflects two and a half years of (intermittent) development and +8636/-3301 lines changed in the source code.

Vista Compatibility

Please note that contrary to our last State of the Step post, 32bit Vista is NOT (and will not be) supported in this release cycle. This release contains none of the Vista compatibility changes that exist in CVS. Vista support will be (developer availability depending) in the next release cycle. If you want better Vista support then skip this release, and build your own off of HEAD in CVS.


  • New evaluation parser
    With the evaluation parser, both conditional expressions (If, ElseIf) and in-line expressions ($a + b$) now use the same syntax. The new parser also adds some new capabilities that were previously unavailable such as strings and built-in functions.

    The new syntax should be backwards compatible with existing files, but this is new code and there are bound to be bugs. So, we're needing users to try out the new code and report bugs back to us. Also be sure to try out some of the new features and provide feedback on those as well. The new syntax is documented in the "release_notes.txt" file.
  • Appbar support
    We have added an implementation to support AppBars. This is a feature found in the Explorer shell which some applications use to dock their window to the edge of a screen (e.g. the Explorer taskbar). Some typical applications that use this feature are Trillian and various media players.

    This also adds support for WorkArea updates when an Appbar is positioned or removed. Please test the interaction between AppBars adjusting the WorkArea and the Desktop modules adjusting the WorkArea. Hopefully they will interact nicely. What you should expect, is if the desktop module has changed the WorkArea for a specific screen edge, then any Appbar placed on the same screen edge will be positioned so that it does not overlap the old WorkArea. This implementation appears to work in practice in the limited testing we were able to do. Please let us know if you find any odd or undesirable behavior in regards to the WorkArea and AppBars.
  • Icon notification tray (systray) service fixes
    The Icon Notification Tray service has been updated to fix several issues. The most visible one being where old icons and sometimes balloon (info) tips would appear during a recycle. Please verify that all expected functionality still works.
  • Added checks for recursively defined variables to VarExpansionEx.
  • Removed !gather bang command proxy for VWM modules (all current VWM modules now implement that function internally).
  • Improvements to LSAutoHideModules.

Final Words

Thanks to the LiteStep Community for all the positive feedback and support and for the endless patience. Once again it has taken a long time, but LiteStep 0.24.8 is finally on its way.

If you upgrade to this version from 0.24.7 Final, and *anything* breaks, please let us know. We intend for 0.24.8 to be drop-in-compatible with all existing valid configurations.

Please send any suggestions or bug reports to the LSDev team contact address at: devteam <at> lsdev.org

When reporting a bug, please include:
(use the !About dialog to retrieve version information)

  1. LiteStep Core Version (including exact "Compiled on…" string as defined by $CompileDate$)
  2. All currently loaded modules and their versions
  3. Theme name and version (if applicable)
  4. Your contact information (email address)
  5. A complete description of the issue and if possible a step-by-step procedure to reproduce the bug. If we can not reproduce the bug, we will not be able to fix it! So, please do your best to help us help you. Thanks!

Happy LiteStepping,

The LiteStep Development Team

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