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2013-06-27 experimental build

We have just posted the 2013-06-27 experimental build. This is a 0.25.0 "Alpha" build. It is available in our Downloads section. A full changelog is included. Here is what has changed since the last experimental build:

  • The !Run dialog now supports !Bang commands.
  • Added LSCloseExplorer, which will gracefully close the currently running shell when LiteStep launches.
  • Added LSRunX and LSRunY to position the !Run dialog.
  • Fixed left click menu positioning for tray icons (also requires tray module updates).
  • Tray modules now need to register for and handle LM_SYSTRAYINFOEVENT.
  • Added a fileExists() function.
  • Added a performance page to !about, showing module load times.
  • Added new enumeration type ELD_PERFORMANCE to EnumLSData
  • !about's system information page will now show > 4GB of memory correctly.
  • !about's system information page now supports Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012.
  • Various 64bit compilation fixes.

Please report any bugs you may find.

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