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 +====== 2013-08-01 experimental build ======
 +We just posted the next 0.25.0 "Alpha" build. Here are some of the highlights:
 +  * Modified the .RC prefix syntax, added special handling of keys starting with *, and made -, as a key, refer to the current prefix.
 +  * The core will now notify modules when fullscreen windows are activated and deactivated.
 +  * Fixed, some startup apps would not run with UAC enabled.
 +  * Fixed, Crash on !Recycle introduced in the 2013-07-21 build.
 +  * Added an IncludeFolder directive, which includes every .rc file in a folder, in alphabetical order.
 +  * Added "About Litestep" and "Start Explorer as shell" to the recovery menu.
 +  * Added support for programs using the ITaskbarList* shell interfaces. This includes thumbnail buttons, task progress bars, and etc. Will need module-side support.
 +As always, please report any bugs you find.
 + --- //**alur**, 2013/08/01 17:12//
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